Swimming in a Perth Lap Pool Helps Combat the Health Effects of Ageing

“Bodily functions gradually deteriorate with ageing, but this is aggravated by dormancy. Diabetes is just one of the many ailments the elderly may develop with their sedentary lifestyle. Thus, health experts have always emphasised the importance of remaining active. Dr. Paul Gardiner, head of the Queensland study, said, “Reducing sedentary behaviour may be a feasible and practical way for older adults to improve their health and may be particularly important for those whose health or physical functioning limits their participation in moderate-intensity physical activity.”

With ageing comes a decrease in muscle mass, bone strength, and density, along with the breakdown of cartilage lining the joints. These changes make high-impact exercises such as walking and jogging more painful. Swimming, a less strenuous exercise, is a highly recommended alternative by health experts. Here are some of the health benefits seniors can enjoy with routine swimming in a Perth lap pool.


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