Why Fibreglass Pools Continue to Enjoy High Customer Demand in Perth

The weather in the southwest portion of Western Australia is mostly sunny. Even with a few months of mild winters and rainy seasons, the state’s Mediterranean-style climate gets the best of the weather. Perth is known to have the most number of sunny days per year than any other city in the country. With such odds, it’s no wonder why many residents turn to their local fibreglass pool companies to help them beat the heat. The hot weather, however, is not the only reason why fibreglass pools are in such high demand.

Danger in the (Open) Water

Roy Morgan Research acknowledges Perth as Australia’s swimming pool centre. The city leads the country in terms of pool ownership, such that travellers flying above the capital can see pools in homes from thousands of miles above ground. According to the findings, 18 percent of all households in Perth have swimming pools installed, which is way above the national average.


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