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Guidelines For a Functional Lap or Plunge Pool

When planning to install a pool, it is common to obsess over obvious factors such as placement, materials, and shape. Homeowners rarely think about the dimensions. It is important to determine if the pool will be predominantly used for swimming laps and exercise, or spending time with family and friends playing games and having fun. Lap pools are obviously purpose built to be long and narrow with a depth of 1.5m in order for swimming laps, plunge pools however can also accommodate lap swimming with the invention of the swim jet system or swim tether. These fantastic inventions enable you to swim an endless lap in your swimming pool either via swimming against a current of water or being held in position with the help of a tether system.


Want a Lap or Plunge Pool? Look no further than fiberglass

Fibreglass swimming pools have become a favourite of many homeowners. With a wide variety of styles and colour choices available, homeowners can have their pool installed and be swimming in a matter of weeks if not days! Installing a pool in your home in Perth will not only allow you to relax comfortably and provide a great space for outdoor entertaining, it will increase your home’s value as well. The installation of a fibreglass pool is paramount, and it is best when left to the professionals such as those from Guardian Pools. When installing a lap or plunge pool in your yard it is important to choose the right size and shape to suit your needs as well as the correct location and position. Consideration needs to be given to any existing structures such as patios, pergolas, sheds and trees as well as any other plants or obstacles.

Lap Pools, Plunge Pools and More: Why You Should Choose Fibreglass

Surviving the Western Australian summer will be a little easier when you have somewhere you can cool off. Having a pool at your home is perfect because you don’t have to go anywhere when you need some relaxation. Deciding to have a pool installed is the easy call to make—deciding which pool to get is another thing entirely. Don’t fret, however, professional pool manufacturers in Perth as well as the surrounding areas will help you make the best decision.

Strength and Flexibility

When selecting a pool to install in your home, durability is one of the most crucial elements. Fibreglass has the flexibility to withstand slight ground movement as well as the strength to handle heavy usage over time, lowering the risk of cracking and other types of damage.

Choose Lap Pools or Splash Pools for Backyards with Unusual Shapes

When you don’t have a standard size or shape backyard your dreams of fitting a large swimming pool may seem a little ambitious. The good news is these days a plethora of swimming pool shapes and sizes are available to suit even the most compact backyard. Ensure you check out the latest styles of plunge pool and lap pool designs in Perth and explore the amazing colours and finishes available.

Shallow Pools

Families with young children, couples and empty nesters can take advantage of a wide range of pools providing shallow sections for children to play safely, spa benches for lounging and relaxing, while also giving keen swimmers plenty of space for swimming laps.

How to Turn a Plunge or Lap Pool in Perth into a Pool for All Seasons

People want to make sure that they get their money’s worth out of any major investment they plan to make. In the case of a new swimming pool, maximising the return on investment usually means getting to use it at any time. After all, what would be the point of having a plunge or lap pool installed if you rarely ever get to use it?

Any smart homeowner, therefore, should factor in usability before calling a pool company in Perth for a pool installation service. Here are some tips to help you turn a simple pool into a pool for all seasons.

Lap Pool or Plunge Pool in Perth: Two Renovation Trends to Consider

Pools are a given in the backyards of most suburban homes in Western Australia. Regardless of size, a swimming pool allows owners to enjoy the outdoors, take refuge from the heat, and relieve stress after a tiring day. A backyard pool area is also a great place to entertain guests or simply bond with one’s family.

Are you planning to add a lap pool or plunge pool in Perth to your backyard? Consider two of the top pool design trends for your upcoming renovation.

Clean Lines and Contemporary Structures

With more homes being built in a contemporary architectural style, homeowners are placing greater emphasis on a streamlined aesthetic. The clean lines and defined angles of rectangular, L-shaped, or geometric lap pools make them the right fit for modern home designs and spacious backyards.

Should You Choose a Lap Pool or a Plunge Pool for Your Perth Home?

Pools make a lovely year-round respite under Perth’s warm and sunny weather, especially during summer when the heat can be too much to handle. It’s no surprise, therefore, that pools have become a staple feature in many Perth homes. Fibreglass pools, in particular, are great options due to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and overall aesthetic appeal. When it comes to pool shape and size, however, should you go for a lap pool or a plunge pool?

Lap Pool. Lap pools are generally designed for swimmers or individuals who would like to maintain a certain level of fitness. Such a pool is long enough for anyone to perform a considerable number of strokes with every lap, and deep enough for a tumble turn at each end. The lap section is typically free of obstructions like ladders and steps, and the sides are made straight so the swimmer can move through the water smoothly and safely.